Workshops and Programs


Through our culturally safe programs, participants will see, feel and experience authentic Aboriginal culture, taught first-hand by Aboriginal leaders, while learning about the history and living culture of Aboriginal Australians.

Yanmala programs teach:


through emphasis on inclusivity and independent exploration


of Aboriginal storytelling, art, food, traditional life and much, much more


by actively engaging children in traditions and cultural activities

Workshops and Programs

Culture talk

Dharug Ngurra (Darug Country)

Explore the traditional life of Aboriginal people. Look at the map and discover how tools
and weapons were created and used by our people.

Bush resource talk

Bamulyin banga
(To make from Earth) 

Learn how the local landscape of the Cumberland Plains provides our people with food, medicine, and homes.

Language workshop

Bayali dalang
(Talking language)

Do you know any Darug words? Learn basic phrases you can use every day and how we are
reclaiming Aboriginal languages.

Dreamtime Stories

Gurugal bayalara (Stories of long ago)

Understanding the ‘when what who why when’ of the Dreamtime for Aboriginal people.
Retelling a variety of stories written & illustrated by Aboriginal people.

Weaving basics

Duraway (Grass)

Using materials common across different Aboriginal peoples, learn the basics of
traditional weaving and create a masterpiece to take home.

Ochre & symbol storytelling workshop

Ochre bayala (Paint & talk)

Discover the colours and uses of ochre and its use and symbolism in traditional
storytelling and dance.

Acknowledgement of Country

Gulbungali Ngurra (Respecting Country )

Develop an understanding the differences between a Welcome to Country and
Acknowledgment of Country including why, how and who. Develop a deeper connection to
create your own individual Acknowledgment.

Art Workshop

Bangala daburi (Let’s make and do Paint)

Aboriginal art is a powerful storytelling method. Explore forms, techniques and styles of
art used across Australia for over 60,000 years. Choose between two options – individual
keepsakes or one collaborated artwork.

Traditional Indigenous games


Learn new skills the same way our
Aboriginal ancestors did — through games.
This workshop explores traditional games used across Aboriginal Australia.

Further Information

All programs are delivered by an Aboriginal person holding a valid and current Working with Children’s Check.

For more detailed information and to a request a full list of available programs please contact us at

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